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Manage your business features and their code in one place

Mobioos Forge
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A powerful tool made by developers for developers, that will enable you to map the business features of your application with your code and help you to:

  • Identify

    Have a clear insight of your features implementation

  • Customize

    Manage your app deep customization with a feature model

  • Reuse

    Reuse your business functionalities across your apps 

  • Modernize

    Split your app legacy in micro-service with code extraction

1 - Map your Business Features

Mobioos Forge provides you all the tools you need to build the Feature Model of your application and map each feature to your code in VSCode

Feature mapping in vscode

With Mobioos Forge, you know precisely the code behind each feature.  

2 - Choose your Use Case 

This map, is just the beginning to help you with: 

  • Feature Reuse

    Transfer your features

    With Mobioos Forge you can easily identify the code behind a specific set of features to transfer it across your applications and reuse the associated functionalities.  

  • App splitting

    Convert your monolith code into micro-services

    With this mapping, you can decide how to split your monolith legacy application into micro-services, set of features, and extract the code for these features.  

  • app customization

    Manage your diversity

    Mobioos Forge helps you build a specific variant of your application with only the necessary code to keep your application light.

    In addition, Mobioos Forge also manages the variability of your application's resources (logo, color, image, etc.), enabling full customization.  

Get started today

Add it in your VSCode and try it on your project!

  • All programming languages supported

    We use a language-independent technology to support any kind of programming languages. 

  • Simplify code maintenance

    Only one general code is required and maintained for all possible variations of your application. 

  • Simplify diversity management

    Variability of your app is defined and managed on top of your general code without any additional development cost. 

 Supports all programming languages 

Mobioos supported languages

The R&D behind Mobioos Forge

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